New Year Message from Dr. Sasa

Written by Gen. Sa Nikamui

On 01/01/2023

The New Year tide is upon us, for Myanmar, far too many of our brothers and sisters lie dead by the genocidal military’s hand, and many more languish in prisons and torture camps. We cannot celebrate this new year as we would wish. We cannot give gifts because we have nothing left to give but our lives. We cannot gather with our communities as hundreds of thousands of our people are being displaced regularly, our communities and peoples scattered and vulnerable. We cannot rejoice and share the New Year celebration with family as nearly every family in Myanmar has suffered terrible losses as a result of the genocidal military’s failed coup and their war of terror.

In this New year, on one hand we brace ourselves for the genocidal military’s nonstop crimes and atrocities upon the entire population of 54 million people of Myanmar, on the other hand we reflect the last year on what we have lost and what the genocidal military have taken from us and from our homeland. But after all, we are taking heart and keeping the light hope. In the darkness, even a small light shines brightly. In an empty home even a whispered word echoes.

Therefore, let us all take heart then from our many victories, from the erosion of the genocidal military in Myanmar, from the increasing pressure of the international community, from the strength of our resolve and from the bright federal democratic future we will build for our country for ALL the people of Myanmar regardless of race, religious, culture, language, gender, background and ethnicity.

As this New Year is, like last year’s, marred by the genocidal military’s heinous crimes, we may not be able to celebrate as we should, and as we would, but we can celebrate the progress which we have made in the last year such as the inclusion of BURMA Act in the National Defence Authorisation Act ( NDAA) of the USA , the UN Security Council Resolution on Myanmar for the first time in 75 years, the legitimate credential approval of the people’s representative of Myanmar to the UN etc and many other, and we can celebrate the turning of the tide in this horrific conflict and crisis created by the genocidal military in Myanmar. The genocidal military’s days are numbered, and our deliverance from their cruelty, inhumanity, brutality is all but assured.

Happy New Year!
May God Bless!


Dr. Sasa

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