Message from Dr. Sasa on the Special occasion of the 74th Republic Day of India

Written by Ko Solar Power

On 26/01/2023

On this special occasion of the 74th Republic Day of India, we extend our best wishes and prayers to the largest democratic country in the world and to the people of India. On this very day the largest democratic country in the world adopted a constitution based on federal democratic principle and which guarantees justice, freedom, and equality to all its citizens.

Therefore we are inspired and motivated by the great achievements India has made under this federal democratic constitution which was adopted 74 years ago. We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate each and every one of you who have made great strides under the light of federal democracy. Over the last 74 years, you have achieved great things not only for a country but for the whole region and indeed the world.

This very federal democracy that has shone on the lives of the 1.4 billion people of India is what the people of Myanmar have been struggling for for the last 74 years. So many of our brave heroes have given their lives for freedom and democracy in the last three quarters of a century. We hope and pray that our brave Myanmar people will end the genocidal military dictatorship as soon as possible so that we can stand side by side with our neighbour India, shining the light of freedom and federal democracy and holding the front for all those who struggle to have the same, not only in our two nations but in the whole region and whole world.

In fact India and Myanmar share more than a large border. We share much of our great history, culture, hope, and beliefs but more than that, our two nations share common values and principles, founded on the ideals of federal democracy which have proven themselves the best ideology to make this World a better place for all.

Now is the time that the brave people of Myanmar once again need help from the brave people of India, who share our pain and our struggle. With the help of our great and proud neighbour, we hope and pray that the brave people of Myanmar will soon see the light of Federal Democracy start shining in our Motherland and end this brutal genocidal military dictatorship once and for all.

May God Bless India!

Dr. Sasa

Union Minister
Ministry of International Cooperation
National Unity Government
Republic of the Union of Myanmar

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