Dr. Sasa’s Speech for Religious Freedom

Written by Gen. Sa Nikamui

On 28/06/2022

Dear Friends, thank you very much indeed for this invitation to brief you on religious freedom in Myanmar. As you know, the military generals in Myanmar are infamous for their crimes against humanity and their repression of freedom. They especially target religious freedom. Freedom is a gift from God. We are born free and we will live free. In the month of May alone more than 7,000 civilian houses, churches and other places of worship were burnt down and destroyed by genocidal military soldiers and their sponsored civilian militia partners. Since 2021 February, more than 20,000 houses and places of worship have been burned and destroyed by the command of the genocidal military generals. Due to these atrocities, more than 1.2 million people are displaced and have become homeless. Many of these atrocities are occurring in religious minority populations such as Chin, Karenni, Karen, Kachin (mostly Christians) and in Rakhine mostly among minority Muslim Rohinga communities.

Throughout the history of Myanmar these same military generals have time and again proven that they are the enemy of freedom, federal democracy and self-determination and they have made a policy called “Race and Religious Protections.” The military generals are doing everything they can so that the people of Myanmar are not free to choose their faith and believed. They are using religion and race as weapons by supporting ultra-extremist groups such as Mabata which mean our race, religion and mission. And the extremist group leader Wirathu was named by the time magazine as the face of Buddhist terror. Mabata created several movements such as 969 movement which openly advocated violence against other religion minorities community in Myanmar and spread hate speeches against religion minority in Myanmar. The genocidal military have been using Buddhism as weapons by using it to discrimination against other minority religion and brutal military generals created the state sponsored Ministry called Ministry of religion affairs which have created several strategies to discriminate against religious minority in Myanmar based of race and religion.

Many minorities’ religions organization in Myanmar are named after their race and identity which became the target places for genocidal military generals to execute their policy of divide and rule-based on race and religious. The genocidal military in Myanmar have been weaponizing our diversities by using this evil policy of divide and rule- based on diverse background, ethnicity, race, and religions. Furthermore, they are using starvation, hunger, and poverty as a weapon to intimidate and destroy our religious freedom. They are intensifying their attacks by using battlefields weapons specially to these religions’ minority groups such as Christians majority states Chin, Karenni, Kachin, Karen and Muslim minority, Rohinga populations in Rakhine. These brutal attacks created unspeakable crisis among these minority population in Myanmar. Then they put brutal military four cuts’ policies in placed so that these suffering victims received no food, medicines and aides. The military affectively stop the aides to go to these minority areas and they control where the aides go so that they can weaponized humanitarians’ assistance.

The freedom to believe is the fundamental freedom that all human beings are granted by Almighty God. That has to be upheld, respected and protected. That is exactly what the people of Myanmar want. The international community has a responsibility to respect and protect the will of the people of Myanmar. The people of Myanmar want to have full religious freedom, the freedom to believe or not believe and the freedom to choose their future.

When we talk about freedom, we are talking about freedom to choose, freedom to believe, freedom to hope, love and live in peace. Freedom of education including religious education. The freedom to thrive and flourish, the freedom to choose health care, the freedom to not have military caused food insecurity and crisis, freedom to the fruits of one’s own labor and the freedom to have peace and stability. These are the reasons for this historical Myanmar people’s revolution, the brave people of Myanmar are fighting for freedom and federal democracy. The resolute people of Myanmar have chosen their future which will be free with federal democratic government by the people, for the people. That’s all the future that awaits the people of Myanmar. We are doing everything we can to remove the enemy of freedom, the genocidal military dictatorship that is standing in the way to freedom for ALL the people of Myanmar regardless of race, religious, gender, culture, ethnicity, and background.

Dear friends and colleagues the people of Myanmar need you, they need your supports so they can be free from this tyranny and darkness. We need your help in our journey. We need your help to free the people of Myanmar from these injustices and unrighteousness. They deserve to have justice and righteousness. The people of Myanmar needed to be free, especially from the atrocities of religious oppression, burning, looting, murder, systematic rape, tortures, intimidation, and discrimination. They deserve peace, they deserve the opportunity to pursue prosperity, they deserve stability. This will be the way of the people of Myanmar in Federal Democratic Union of Myanmar. The brave people of Myanmar will never give up, we will not rest nor stop this fight for our Freedom and Federal Democracy. We must overcome this darkness to bring light to the future of Myanmar. We all are committed and determined to end this reign of terror against the people of Myanmar and to stop all these crimes against humanity. We will write Federal Democratic Principles-based Constitution that belongs to ALL the people of Myanmar, the Constitution that respects, protects, and promotes freedom and rights for ALL the people of Myanmar regardless of race, religious, gender, color, language, background, and ethnicity. We will build our glorious future under the light of free Myanmar and Federal Democratic Union of Myanmar. The free and Federal Democratic Union of Myanmar will thrive and flourish not only for ALL the people of Myanmar but also for the whole region and for the world to make better places for ALL. Once again thank you so much indeed for having me here today.

May God bless you, May God Bless Myanmar

Thank You and Sincerely,

Dr. Sasa
Union Minister of the Ministry of International Cooperation
Spokesperson of the National Unity Government of Myanmar
Former Myanmar Special Envoy to the United Nations

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