Condolences on the Passing of Prime Minister Abe Shinzo

Written by Gen. Sa Nikamui

On 08/07/2022

We are deeply shocked and aggrieved to hear of the mindless killing of former Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo earlier today. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan, and Mr. Abe’s family and loved ones in this very difficult time. We pray for them to have peace, and for justice to be served.

Myanmar has lost her great friend, Mr Prime Minister Abe and Myanmar will miss him dearly and greatly. Japan has contributed so much to the development of Myanmar and the education of her people. Many in Myanmar have come to regard Japan warmly, and seek to live, study or work there. Despite the ongoing crisis, this horrific and senseless act of violence has appalled the Myanmar people.

Japan is renowned for its peace and her people are famed for their respect of law and custom. So egregious a crime is almost unthinkable in so peaceful a country. And yet, this brutal murder is made even more sinister by the fact that it was an assassination of a political figure during a democratic campaign.

We echo Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s comments today; such an assault is nothing less than an attempt to undermine the very foundational principles of democracy. The political foundation upon which the Japanese state and society rest. Such an act cannot be tolerated; but democracy is robust, and the Japanese people are resilient. This heinous assault cannot, and will not prevent the peaceful and orderly democratic process. Elections will take place, the Japanese people’s collective will be heard, and the outcome will be respected and enacted. Such is the strength of democracy, and such is the determination of a people who value that democracy. Let Japan show to the world, that no murder, or act of terror can deter a people who cherish their freedoms, and who are committed to their nation’s values.

We express our deepest condolences to the family of loved ones of Mr. Prime Minister Abe, and our solidarity with the people of Japan in this shocking time. We are certain that justice for this abominable act will be brought swiftly and decisively, and we pray that never again will the people of Japan, or of any nation, have to witness such a horrific crime. May Mr Prime Minister Abe rest in eternal peace.


Dr. Sasa
Union Minister of the Ministry of International Cooperation
Spokesperson of the National Unity Government of Myanmar
Former Myanmar Special Envoy to the United Nations

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