National Unity Government of Myanmar Press Conference – English Summary

Written by Gen. Sa Nikamui

On 26/06/2022

1. The 54 million people of Myanmar have been going through their darkest period for the last 16 months. A period of pain, suffering, death, destruction, atrocities, and crimes against humanity inflicted upon them by the brutal and cruel hands of the genocidal military dictators of Myanmar. In regards to the brave people of Myanmar’s defensive activities, we have been doing everything we can to end the junta’s reign of terror against the people of Myanmar and to defend and protect the civilians and people’s properties from the cruel military’s acts of terrorism. We have been working hard on training, equipment, and establishing a chain of command. We have been acquiring armaments in two ways: purchasing them outright from non-state actors, and locally manufacturing arms.

2. To this day, we have received no material assistance from the international community when it comes to defending freedom and democracy and protecting the lives of the people of Myanmar. We have made repeated calls for the international community to listen to the people of Myanmar and to give help to end this military reign of terror and to assist us to achieve freedom and federal democracy. Material assistance is the fastest most efficient route to end the suffering in Myanmar and put the Nation on the path to Freedom and Federal Democracy.

3. Besides the generous donations of many both domestically and abroad, for which we are grateful, we are currently generating income through the sale of NUG bonds, which have amounted to $38M (USD) thus far, and the sale of property illegally acquired by the junta, such as Min Aung Hlaing’s illegal belongings (the mansion stolen from the people of Myanmar) the sale of which has thus far raised $7M (USD). Most of these funds have gone to strategic spending like; sharing with our alliance, strengthening of people’s defensive activities, increasing of the people’s defense capacity, and for social and humanitarian relief projects.

4. The people’s contributions have resulted in the rapid progress that we have seen in the revolution recently. To continue our efforts, we need to secure a great deal more in funds. We are investigating a range of options to bring in this sum, and in the meantime, we call on all entrepreneurs to assist the NUG by paying all due taxes.

5. To facilitate financial transactions which are safe, secure, and above all, free from SAC control, we are launching a mobile payment system called NUG Pay. A pilot project will begin by the end of June. The Initial roll out will be in NUG dominated territories and will spread nationwide from there.

6. We also announce that another property illegally occupied by the terrorist military leader Min Aung Hlaing will be auctioned, and public land unjustly confiscated by the army in the center of Yangon will serve as a green space featuring the Spring Revolutionary Memorial Park, for which the NUG is inviting design proposals. Interested investors whether local or foreign will be invited to invest in this Development Project, the purpose of which is to pay homage to fallen heroes, rehabilitate injured fighters of the Spring Revolution who have lost their body parts, and assist heroes of the revolution and CDM who have lost their homes.

7. The Central Committee for Natural Resources Administration (CCNRA) has organized municipal-level sub-committees to manage the natural resources in NUG controlled areas. As a result, the National Unity Government can manage natural resources in our controlled areas and prevent illegal logging and mining. The CCNRA has been arresting and prosecuting those guilty of illegal logging, and 70% of the money raised from the confiscation of illegally logged timber and the proceeds of illegal sales are being handed over to municipal officials and 30% is being used by NUG-MONREC.

8. Together with our allies, the NUG controls more than 50% of Myanmar’s territory. In Sagaing and northern Magway – traditional heartland strongholds of the military élite – more than 80% of villages and 90% of the transportation infrastructure is under PDF control. Previously in recent history the military have never before lost control of these two key divisions, and the dominance of pro-democracy forces here is a strong indication that the junta are being progressively beaten day by day.

9. Furthermore, the PDFs are advancing in Tanintharyi and northern Mandalay, while in Yangon, Bago, Irrawaddy, Naypyidaw and southern Mandalay intense guerrilla campaigns are being fought, despite the military’s many crimes against our freedom fighters and their allies. Ethnic organizations are collaborating with PDF to expand their areas of control in Kachin, Karenni, Karen, Chin, northern Mon, while ethnic resistance organizations in Rakhine, and northern Shan have also made significant territorial gains.

10. As far as the fighting for freedom and federal democracy itself is concerned, we have seen significant losses on the part of the military, while pro-democracy forces are preparing to transition away from guerrilla tactics to conventional warfare when training, manpower, and material are more favorably balanced.

11. Currently, the NUG has established 257 PDF battalions, and this is in addition to the over 500 local PDF groups who are under the command of NUG-MOD. By contrast, over 10,000 SAC personnel have defected to the democratic cause, many bringing their weapons and ammunition with them. This demonstrates the military’s inability to control their own foot-soldiers in a time of war, and raises genuine doubts on the part of the rank and file that the war is even winnable for the junta. We are therefore preparing to establish a new professional defense force of Myanmar the Federal Army under the Federal Democratic Union of Myanmar.

12. Despite the SAC’s continued crimes against our heroes the CDM participants and pro-democracy activists, the pro-democracy and pro-peace movement remains unshakable and strong. These brave and peaceful movements of CDM have proved that they are stronger and more powerful than the junta’s acts of terrorism against the people of Myanmar.

13. To provide stability and justice as a government, we have declared the formation of local judiciaries in 15 municipalities. Subject to declaration 11/2022, the judiciaries will soon begin their task of hearing trials and dispensing justice. Trials will proceed in person wherever possible. However, in cases when logistics or security do not permit, trials can be held via online platforms. Additionally, prisons are currently under construction in NUG-controlled territory for the detention of those awaiting trial.

14. Furthermore, to ensure safety and security in NUG-controlled regions, the PDF along with our allies are taking on security roles subject to the people’s administrative bodies which have already been formed in 36 townships.

15. People’s administration bodies are in addition to the People’s Police Force which was formed on the 7th of June through the Office of the President. This force will be tasked not only with ensuring public safety and compliance with the law, but also investigations and the collection of evidence, and ensuring that perpetrators are brought to justice.

16. Regarding Education: We are delivering education services to the children of Myanmar in two ways: online and on the ground. On the ground: We are doing this in two ways at the moment: school-based education in schools or home-based education. Home-based education targets students who cannot go to schools for several reasons. For propositional education and higher education, we are also making guidebooks and textbooks available online.

17. Online Education: This is a remote and digital approach to education delivery that we have been undertaking. Currently, we have 52 online schools operating. For propositional and higher education, guidebooks, notebooks, and educational resources are being prepared. These are made available online. For remote education where there is no internet connection. We have adopted a practical approach to educational learning. Teaching materials are stored on memory sticks and distributed to remote regions/places.

18. Our hero CDM teachers together with private and volunteer teachers are the main reason we can deliver this much-needed education service to the children of Myanmar. These are both being delivered in Yangon, Mandalay, Sagaing, Magway, Bago, Ayeyarwady and Tanintharyi divisions, Kachin, Karen, Kayah( Karenni), Shan, Mon and Chin states.

19. Regarding Healthcare Services: We are doing everything we can in our power to deliver much needed healthcare services to the people of Myanmar. We are delivering healthcare to the people of Myanmar in two ways by online and on the ground.

20. Telehealth and telemedicine services: Telehealth and telemedicine services are being made available to more than 90% of all the townships across Myanmar (more than 309 townships). Our great heroes, CDM doctors, nurses, midwives and health workers, are providing this service day and night together with our alliances from 11 countries across the world.

21. On the ground health care services: We have been delivering emergency healthcare services to the brave people of Myanmar through (267) mobile frontline clinics, which are all operational on the ground. We are operating (52) hospitals across Myanmar. Six hospitals with fifty beds each are under construction and soon to be operational on the ground. Again, our brave heroes, CDMs, doctors, nurses, mid-wives, and health workers are doing this life-saving work in these (267) clinics and (52) hospitals.

22. Regarding Humanitarian Affairs: We have been doing everything in our power to secure humanitarian assistance for the brave people of Myanmar. We have delivered over 3 billion MMK worth of aid to populations most in need. However, it is only a tiny drop of water in the ocean of need. On the other hand, the military regime is constantly and deliberately creating more humanitarian crises by instigating bloody violence against the people of Myanmar.

23. During the month of May alone, more than seven thousand civilian houses were burnt and destroyed by military foot soldiers in Sagaing and Magway divisions. A total of more than 20 thousand houses, places of worship and public buildings have been destroyed by the genocidal military generals.

24. Because of this reign of terror against the people of Myanmar by the genocidal military more than 1.2 million people are displaced, homeless, and over half the population of Myanmar is being forced to live below the poverty line. About 15 million people of Myanmar are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. The military generals in Myanmar created all these atrocities, violence, hunger, and starvation, and at the same time they are using these crises as weapons.

25. All humanitarian assistance to the people of Myanmar must bypass the military generals’ control and weaponization to reach the people of Myanmar. We have made this very clear to the many generous donors such as ASEAN AHA Centre, OCHA, Governmental and UN agencies, international donors and INGOs. The profound mistrust of the people of Myanmar towards the junta is real and must be taken into consideration while delivering this much needed humanitarian assistance.

26. Regarding International Affairs: We have been requesting to the International Community to take coordinated, targeted, and tougher actions by the total rejection and sanctioning of the brutal military SAC regime and by recognizing and supporting the peace and freedom loving people of Myanmar through their democratic representatives such as CRPH, NUG and NUCC. This is the fastest way to end Myanmar’s crisis and put Myanmar on the path to freedom and federal democracy.

27. A delegation led by H.E Daw Zin Mar Aung, Union Minister of Foreign Affairs visited the United States between the 11th and 22nd of May and met with the U.S. Deputy Secretary of state of USA, H.E Wendy Sherma, senior U.S. government officials, representatives of the U.S. Senate, the Minister of foreign affairs of Malaysia, H.E Saifuddin Abdulla and several leaders from ASEAN, including a meeting with Minister of Foreign Affair of Sweden, H.E Ann Linde.

28. A delegation led by H.E U Aung Myo Min, the union minister of human rights, and NUG representative U Lin Tant met with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, H.E Mr. Jiří Kozák, and officials of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs on June 9th.

29. A delegation led H.E Professor Dr. Zaw Wai Soe, the union minister of health and education, travelled to the UK, European Union and Norway between the 24th of May and 10th of June to discuss international relations, the military’s human rights violations, humanitarian assistance, revolutionary issues, and Myanmar’s ultimate path to restore peace and democracy. During their visit to the UK, they met with the Rt. Hon. Amanda Milling, minister of state for Asia and Middle East; Lord Kamall, undersecretary of state for innovation; and the Academy of Royal Colleges. They then met with the vice president of the European Parliament, H.E Heidi Hautala and H. E Paola Pampaloni, Deputy Managing Director for Asia and Pacific Department, the European External Action Service (EEAS) of EU in Brussels, and in Oslo they met with officials from the University of Oslo, various INGOs, the Oslo Peace Research Institute, the Norwegian Buddhist League, and visited Diakonhjemmet hospital.

30. As we all know this terrorist Military Council has no legitimacy. They disregarded the democratic voice and will of the Myanmar people. They instigated detention, arrest, prosecution, and unlawful imprisonment of elected leaders, the President of the union of Myanmar H.E Win Mint and the State Counsellor of Myanmar, H. E Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, members of the Parliament, and many pro-democracy activists. We strongly condemn and reject the illegal military council’s unjust arrests of elected officials, innocent people, illegal trials, death sentences, and in particular, the confirmation of death sentences handed down to Ko Jimmy, Phyo Zayar Thaw, U Hla Myo Aung and U Aung Thura Zaw.

31. To continue their brutal and cruel control over the nation, the military junta have committed acts of terrorism, carried out arbitrary and unlawful arrests, and have torched entire villages. The military’s crimes are horrific and beyond words to properly describe. War crimes and crimes against humanity plague the Myanmar people across the nation. The National Unity Government and the media have already received mountains of evidence that prove these many crimes of the military. The evidence is being examined by international governments and prosecution bodies with intent to launch formal investigations and legal proceedings.

32. In the brutal military junta’s attempt to normalize their crimes, the SAC is attempting to pull the wool over the international community’s eyes to steal legitimacy through sham and fake elections. We will never accept this criminal attempt and they will fail. By all means, we will stop their crimes and we will never allow normalization of crimes against humanity committed against the people of Myanmar by genocidal military generals.

33. We have had free and fair and democratic election in 2020 where the people of Myanmar have spoken loudly and clearly by electing their representatives for the people of Myanmar. These legitimate elected members of Parliament formed the Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (CRPH)- Committee Representing the Union Parliament of Myanmar, then the National Union Consultative Council (NUCC) and National Unity Government of Myanmar (NUG) which truly represents the people of Myanmar inclusively.

34. We make it loud and clear that the military general’s constitution known as the 2008 constitution has been abolished and is no longer in effect, we adhere to the Federal Democratic Charter as its roadmap for the establishment of a true federal democratic Union of Myanmar for all the people of Myanmar regardless of race, religious, gender, culture, ethnicity and background and these federal democratic principles are already being implemented in the interim revolutionary administration.

35. This is the darkest moment in our history but also this is the first time in the history of Myanmar that we have a National Unity Government of Myanmar-NUG and National Unity Consultative Council- NUCC. Together we have achieved a historical Unity in diversity, our Nation’s greatest strength is our Unity in diversity and that’s who the brave people of Myanmar are now. We are united to end the military dictatorships once and for all, we will not rest nor give up until Freedom and Federal Democratic Union of Myanmar fruit and flourish not only for Myanmar but also for whole regions and the world.

Thank You and Sincerely,

Dr. Sasa
Union Minister of the Ministry of International Cooperation
Spokesperson of the National Unity Government of Myanmar
Former Myanmar Special Envoy to the United Nations

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