Media Response September

Written by Gen. Sa Nikamui

On 03/09/2021

Thank you for your questions! I really appreciate everything that VOA is doing in raising awareness to the situation in Myanmar. I am sending you somewhat of a long reply because I feel it is vitally important that the International community – the UN – hears the voice of the people of Myanmar in this critical moment of our history. Thank you making our voices heard through your articles on this very important moment.

We, the National Unity Government of Myanmar, as the rightful and sole legitimate representative of the people and State of Myanmar have done everything we can to make sure that the UN abides by its mandate of upholding the well-being of the people of Myanmar. We have reached out to the international communities and have done everything we can in our power, and will continue to do so until the democratic and free will of the people of Myanmar is respected, recognized, credentialed, and promoted. This is the only way to an inclusive federal democracy; peace, stability and freedom. 

The people of Myanmar have given the NUG its mandate and legitimacy by their legal votes, and we are the only legal and legitimate representative of the people and State of Myanmar. The origin of this legitimacy is from the people of Myanmar, therefore it is the obligation of the UN to accept this fact by recognition of the NUG as the sole representative of the State of Myanmar. 

The National Unity Government is the only legal representative of the people of Myanmar, and we are comprised of all the main stakeholders in the country such as elected members of parliament, ethnic armed organizations, grass root civil society organizations and political parties and leaders, whereas this illegal military junta regime is comprised of self-serving military generals and cronies who are guilty of crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing, war crimes and atrocities against the people of Myanmar – not only since February 1st, 2021, but also in 1988, 2007, 2017 and throughout several decades previous in our history. This murderous regime shall never be allowed to represent the people and the State of Myanmar at the UN. It would also destroy the UN image and reputation. We, the people and National Unity Government of Myanmar will never allow ourselves to be represented by this murderous military junta regime which has murdered more than 1,042 men, women, youth and young children in cold blood, illegally arrested more than 7,768 innocent civilians who are guilty of no wrong, and forced more than 2,000 innocent civilians to flee for their lives from illegal arrest warrants. Due to these atrocities and crimes against humanity, perpetrated by these brutal military generals and their cronies in Myanmar, over 1.2 million Myanmar people have been forced to flee for their lives and become homeless refugees, and more than 27 million of the population of Myanmar are being forced to live under extreme poverty and totalitarian restrictions. More than 6.4 million Myanmar people will be forced to live without food in the coming weeks, and more than half of the population of Myanmar could be infected by new COVID-19 variants. Additionally, the economy of Myanmar has crashed to the ground, and all basic services such has transportation, health, education and finance are in shambles. The military junta regime in Myanmar continues killing the people of Myanmar with systematic and widespread violence across the country, compounded by COVID-19 and the growing humanitarian crisis. We are nearing a point of no-return, where civil bloodbath, war and another genocide is evident. We have been repeatedly made it clear that it is completely unacceptable to normalize these atrocities, crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing. Therefore, it is the opportunity of the century for the UN General Assembly to end these crimes against humanity, war crimes, and atrocities committed by the military junta in accepting the NUG as it is – the sole legitimate Government of Myanmar. The UN must follow its legal obligation, which is to recognize the democratic will of the people of Myanmar by accepting the legally mandated legitimacy of the NUG. If the UN refuses to accept the legality and legitimacy of the NUG, then by default it is giving license to the murderous military junta regime in Myanmar to continue committing crimes against humanity, war crimes, and horrendous atrocities against the people of Myanmar; bringing more death, destruction, killings, violence, chaos, instability, spread of COVID-19 and a growing humanitarian catastrophe which will soon become a threat both regionally and globally. 

If the UN follows its international obligations, in the face of this murderous military junta regime in Myanmar, we, the NUG, together with the people of Myanmar will end these crimes against humanity and atrocities once and for all, and restore Myanmar to the path of inclusive federal democracy. We will persuade accountability for all the crimes against humanity, end impunity and persuade justice to the end both at the ICJ and ICC international mechanisms. We will protect, respect and promote human rights for ALL the people of Myanmar regardless of race, religion, culture, gender, back ground or ethnicity. The democratic rights of the people of Myanmar will be protected by a permanent constitution based on federal democratic values and principles. In the new Federal Democratic Union of Myanmar will flourish freedom, federalism, democracy, rights, peace, prosperity and stability not only for Myanmar, but also regionally and globally we Myanmar will emerge as a strong ally with our global partners to stand for the well-being of the people of the world, and to make this world a better place for ALL.


Dr. Sasa

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