Address to Biennial Convention Of The Chin Youth Organization Of North America – CYONA

Written by Gen. Sa Nikamui

On 05/09/2021


Dear, Mr. President and all respected leaders and members of CYONA,

I am humbled by your kind invitation extended to me as the chief guest to this very special biennial convention of CYONA in Ohio. Due to the fierce battle for democracy in Myanmar and many difficult circumstances, I am not able to attend in person. However I want to convey this message of encouragement to our precious youth who are the leaders needed for our new tomorrow. I also would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you all for making this convention one of the most exciting events for our people in the United States and Canada. My best wishes, prayers and blessings go to all at this event. I hope and pray that this message will encourage you and empower you all to tackle issues that are important to our generation including higher education, ethnic identity, social problems, justice, peace, prosperity, freedom and federal democracy. Each of these will allow you to form a better future for tomorrow.

I also would like to express my sincerest thanks to you all for your support and sacrifices for the cause of inclusive federal democracy and freedom for Myanmar. The people of Myanmar truly have suffered too much for far too long under the hands of the successful warmonger and failed coup leader Min Aung Hlaing and his military junta’s reign-of-terror. This is truly the darkest period in our history. But the darker the night, the brighter the light. The future of Myanmar is ultimately in the hands of the brave people of Myanmar, many of whom have given their lives for the cause of freedom and democracy, and become symbols of hope, and heroes in the hearts of their fellow citizens. We deeply need the strong and continued support and friendship of our people overseas. Your support is absolutely crucial to building a new Myanmar – an inclusive federal democratic union for ALL the people of Myanmar, regardless of race, religion, culture, gender, background or ethnicity.

If one thing is clear from the history of Myanmar, it is that we all strongly desire freedom, democracy, and peace – as attested by the thousands upon thousands who have given their everything to bring about an end to dictatorial tyranny. Time and time again peaceful protestors and non-violent defenders of freedom and democracy have been met with savage violence by the cruel tatmadaw. The darkness and nightmares of the twentieth century have carried over into the 21st century in ways unimaginable. These 74 years of cruelty, death and destruction by the military dictators will never be forgotten, nor will this history be rewritten. The sacrifices of thousands and thousands of brave men and women in Myanmar will not be in vain. 

From the young independence hero General Aung San in 1947, our great youth leader Salai Tin Maung Oo in 1976 and 1988, and the saffron revolution in 2007 till this year’s spring revolution, all are very much led by the youth. The young people of Myanmar have spoken loud and clear that they will never accept military dictatorship or any other form of oppression, nothing is acceptable short of democracy and freedom. At the same time, the cruel military juntas have shown time and time again that they will do anything to stay in power no matter how cruel, inhumane, or brutal.

Since February 1st, 2021, over 1,038 men, women, children and mostly youth have been murdered in cold blood, and over 7,660 innocent civilians have been illegally arrested without cause.

According to the AAPP, more than 1,984 brave and innocent Myanmar people are being forced into hiding to evade illegal arrest warrants, the true number may be much higher and never known, and many of our democratically elected leaders are facing show trials based on fraudulent charges. These trials have nothing to do with the rule of law or democracy, but instead serve as a tool with which the military junta seeks to prolong its self-serving reign-of-terror against the people of Myanmar. In addition, over 1.2 million innocent civilians have been forced to flee for their lives from their homes, villages, towns and cities that have come under attack by the genocidal military junta according to what UNHCR is able to track. The UNDP projects that over 27 million people in Myanmar will be forced below the poverty line within a year now, and UN-WFP projects that a further 6.4 million Myanmar people will be without food by the end of October, this year.

Covid-19 cases have spiraled out of control under the careless watch of the military junta, and hundreds of innocent people are dying each day as the Delta variant ravages our country. Over 260 medical facilities nationwide have been attacked, with several hospitals currently being illegally occupied by troops. Over 27 medical personnel have been murdered, and over 600 arrested by this cruel junta. Due to this, over half the population of Myanmar could become infected by Covid-19, and Myanmar is becoming a breeding ground not only for the Covid-19 delta variant, but for potentially new and stronger variants as well. The world should fear what other variants may arise from the Petri dish the military is concocting. This is a serious threat not only nationally or regionally, but globally. Our economy is collapsing to the ground; our health care, finance, education and other basic services are paralyzed, and food insecurity is sharply rising. Violence and murder is rampant, and crimes against humanity have become widespread across the nation. This triple-crisis is pushing the whole nation into an extremely desperate situation. We are being pushed ever closer to a great civil bloodbath – a civil war – and another genocide. This can be prevented only by the international community’s urgent, strong and coordinated actions against this genocidal military regime in Myanmar.

It is then absolutely unacceptable that youth students’ classrooms are being occupied by cruel soldiers, and that school children are instead being forced to flee for their lives. It is horrifying that places of worship and community centers are being occupied by the junta forces, and that the communities, pastors, monks, and leaders are being forced to flee for their lives. It should not be allowed under any circumstances that our hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, banks, and economy crash due to this military reign-of-terror. It is unacceptable in the highest degree that our teachers, tutors, professors, doctors, nurses, midwives, engineers, scholars and civil servants are being forced to flee for their lives because of their participation in the peaceful Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) to end the military junta’s usurpation of power from the people’s elected National Unity Government.

During the last six months, we have received hundreds of thousands of emails, 151,000 emails of which contain documented cases of crimes against humanity, and over 310,000 videos and photographs of atrocities. 427 strong cases are being opened by international human rights lawyers on behalf of 28,005 victims who have suffered. These are being named with case details and case notes and will be prosecuted accordingly.

Despite these unthinkable atrocities, crimes and genocide of this military regime, we, the youth together with the elderly people of Myanmar, will never give up, let go, or surrender our dreams for a Federal Democratic Union of Myanmar where freedom, democracy, peace, prosperity, stability, accountability, justice and self-determination will flourish for ALL. We the youth will continue to resist and give our lives if and when necessary until victory is achieved over this ruthless military junta. Nothing that the military junta may attempt to do to us will destroy our hope or courage. No weapon can destroy our thirst for freedom, as this hope is embedded in the hearts of every one of us.

The national heroes who participate in the peaceful and powerful Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) have helped bring the junta to a standstill, and this is indeed more powerful than any act of terrorism or destruction by the junta. Nationwide protests continue strong despite lethal use of force by the junta against unarmed and peaceful civilians, and the coordinated boycotts, strikes and movements initiated by your brave youth – the generation Z – remain powerful and is one of the strongest tools in bringing this tyranny and the crimes of these dictators to an end, once and for all. This clearly illustrates that the movement and hope for freedom and democracy can never be silenced or destroyed, and that indeed it will prevail in the end. In this struggle between young democracy, and ancient dictatorship, it is self-evident that democracy will surely prevail; the light will swallow up and erase the darkness of authoritarianism. The people of Myanmar will prevail and will never surrender again to be crushed under the boots of these terrorists.

Our brave young men and women from all walks of life, Freedom fighters from ethnic armed organizations (EAOs), People’s Defense Forces (PDF) and Civilian Defense Forces (CDF) have arisen as national heroes to take back and defend our country from the occupying terrorist tatmadaw organization, and give their lives to protect their families, friends, neighbours and fellow citizens from the cruel military junta who engages in acts of terrorism against the innocent people of Myanmar on a daily basis. These brave young heroes lay down their lives for the cause of democracy and freedom, and deserve the utmost respect and support, not only from all of the people of Myanmar, but from all countries of the world who believe in freedom, human rights, peace, prosperity, and democracy.

This is the darkest moment in the history of Myanmar, but this is also the first time in the history of Myanmar that we have had a “National Unity Government of Myanmar” comprised of stakeholders from every group and ethnicity, including members of Parliament elected in the 2020 general election, ethnic armed organizations, civil society organizations, and varied political parties. Our biggest strength truly is “Unity in Diversity.” Above all else, the people of Myanmar are united as one. The future of Myanmar has no place for military dictatorships – only freedom and democracy for all. 

We call upon all democratic nations of the world to band together and do everything within their power to help the people of Myanmar achieve this new reality without delay. It is time for the allies of peace and democracy to come together and invest in the beautiful and prosperous future of Myanmar. We need strong material support on the ground before more lives are needlessly lost.

We believe in freedom and democracy; peace and prosperity; equality and self-determination;  and we have made our demand clear and are resolved to eradicate the military dictatorships, once and for all, from the blood-stained soil of our precious homeland. We will replace the ‘tatmadaw’ military institution with an inclusive federal army under the control of the democratic civilian government of Myanmar. We, the people of Myanmar, will draft an inclusive and permanent constitution based on federal democratic principles and values, with universal human and civil rights for all within the borders of Myanmar. This constitution and governance will belong to the people, and will be composed of the people to serve the best interest of the people of Myanmar as a whole, not only for this generation, but for all generations to come. Hope will fill the room of hopelessness; freedom will prevail over tyranny; and good will prevail over evil.

Together, we are urging the International community to engage with the National Unity Government of Myanmar as the sole legitimate representative of the people of Myanmar. We request the help of the people and responsible Governments around the world in the upcoming credentialing challenges at the United Nations in September, and we critically need everything done that can be done in your power to ensure that the UNGA abides by its mandate to uphold the well-being of the people of Myanmar. This is the first time in the history of Myanmar that there has been a National 

Unity Government with the full support of the people. We are united in our aim to deliver justice to our Rohingya brothers and sisters, and to all the victims across Myanmar. We have made our position clear that we will pursue freedom and justice for ALL, and we standby ready to cooperate with the ICJ and ICC to end impunity and hold all perpetrators accountable for their actions and crimes against humanity. The people of Myanmar recognize us as the sole legitimate government of Myanmar, and our hope is that the free countries and leaders from around the world who believe in freedom, justice, and democracy will recognize, endorse, engage and support NUG. This is the greatest opportunity of the century.

We urgently need to impose harsher sanctions against all members of the illegal military council (SAC), the so-called military appointed “caretaker government”, military owned and linked businesses, and cronies who serve as brokers or pathways for the military junta to obtain funding which it utilizes to destroy the people of Myanmar. We must all do everything in our power to help put an end to the senseless murder of thousands of innocent young people by cutting off finance and weapons flows into the hand of the military junta in Myanmar. We are respectfully requesting the Governments around the world to ensure that no funds from any entity be allowed to be transferred to the military Junta, its business entities, leaders, cronies or their families. We must not continue to allow this illegal junta to spend the wealth of the people of Myanmar in murdering the people of Myanmar, including the transfer of dual use technology, and impose an international arms embargo and a strict no-fly-zone above the territory of Myanmar by any means necessary. These measures are absolutely vital to prevent a great civil war and another genocide from occurring in Myanmar.

Together, we will never surrender; we will never rest; and Together, we will never give up until this genocidal military dictatorship that brings only pain, suffering, death and destruction has been eradicated from the face of the earth. We will build up a glorious future where peace, prosperity, freedom, democracy, stability and equality await us. With every day that passes, the military junta are slowly losing their grasp on the people of Myanmar, and we, the people of Myanmar, are winning. This painful struggle is temporary, but our freedom and bright future on the other side of victory will be permanent.

Thank you for having me, and May God bless you! May God save and bless Myanmar!


H.E. Dr. Sasa
Union Minister of Ministry of International Cooperation
Spoke Person of Nation Unity Government
Former Special Envoy to United Nations

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