The Second Anniversary of the 2020 Elections in Myanmar

Written by Gen. Sa Nikamui

On 08/11/2022

The brave people of Myanmar spoke loud and clear through a free, fair, and democratic multiparty generation election held on the 8th of November 2020. This was only the second truly democratic election in Myanmar since the military unilaterally annulled the results of the 1990 after their landslide defeat. And once again, the freedom and democracy loving people of Myanmar went to the polls to peacefully participate in the governance of their country, and once again their will was ignored and swept aside by an uncaring power-hungry military. It is the genocidal military generals who are the enemies of freedom, of democracy, and of the people of Myanmar themselves. The military have shown this through their relentless torment and murder of innocent civilians. Their willingness to spill innocent blood to secure the military’s primacy is evidence enough that they are unworthy to call themselves protectors, defenders, or guardians. that they are a cruel and self-serving regime who see the people not as their charges but as either slaves or enemies. Through their selfishness and hubris they have dragged our country through six decades of dictatorship and now, as the people were making real progress towards true and lasting democracy, as Myanmar finally became to blossom and take her place on the world stage, the military have determined to undo years of hard work and plunge our homeland back into darkness.

But our people’s commitment to freedom and democracy is unshakeable and strong, not only among the current generation, but among all our people. Freedom and democracy have been the rallying cries of every generation since independence. The losses we have suffered and sacrifices we have made will not deter us, although we are burdened heavily with grief. Since the coup, the military have unleashed every barbarous and inhumane tool of war against their own people. Over 2,400 have been murdered, many of whom were tortured, beaten, raped, or burned alive. Some 16,000 people have been arrested, held in deplorable conditions, including many lawfully elected parliamentarians whose only crime was to dare to take the seats to which the people appointed them; these include the president U Win Myint and state counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

In recent months, to escalate their campaign of terror against political dissent, the military have also begun executing political prisoners, reviving an archaic and barbaric punishment not seen in Myanmar since 1988. Many of the most vulnerable in society – our elderly, teachers, children, cultural and religious leaders, and countless others – have been systematically targeted in horrific coordinated attacks designed to sow terror and destabilise civilian communities. It is through a grotesque policy of scorched earth that the military hopes to reimpose an authoritarian regime on a people who are committed to charting a democratic future for their nation. The military have refused to engage pro-democracy forces on the ground, preferring at every turn to attack unarmed peaceful villages, farms, schools, churches, and hospitals – weaponising hunger, grief, and fear in an effort to crush the people’s will.

The brave people of Myanmar have suffered so much for so long under the ever worsening humanitarian crisis. Already 1.5 million people have been made homeless by the junta’s terroristic war. They have fled to the jungles and mountains, seeking refuge alone, in IDP camps, or in foreign countries where many languish without legal status or protections, ever threatened by the prospect of forcible return to Myanmar and probable imprisonment. A full half of the country of 54 million people will live in poverty artificially created by this inhuman military. More than 15 million Myanmar people desperately need humanitarian assistance and in a barbaric and inhumane move, the military have begun to weaponise even humanitarian assistance itself, forcing foreign donors and NGOs to funnel aid through the military’s own networks where that aid is seized, sold, and the proceeds used to continue funding the war against the people that aid was sent to help.

In a most despicable twist of irony, the very military who annulled the 1990 elections, rigged the 2010 elections and 2008 referendum, and staged a coup following the 2020 elections has now announced it plans to hold its own “election”. Such a faux-election is a slap in the face of not only the Myanmar people, but democracy everywhere. The military’s “elections” are routinely beset by fraud, voter suppression, ballot stuffing, and other irregularities, they are held under rules so convoluted and perverted as to undermine the true will of the people, and on the off chance that the people still find a way to win, the results are nullified and the military seizes power for itself. The junta’s proposed sham elections could never be free and fair. They must be decried and denounced by the international community as illegitimate and fraudulent. These rigged “elections” will serve only to give the junta and their ever shrinking list of allies an excuse to claim a sliver of legitimacy. Their purpose is to preserve the military’s hegemony and hold pro-democracy forces at bay. In short, if these proposed sham “elections” take place, and worse yet if their results are acknowledged, they will lead only to more violence and bloodshed, dragging out this horrific war even longer. We therefore implore the international community to let it be known now that they will not accept the junta’s false “elections”. We demand that the junta be held responsible for its many crimes and atrocities and that the NUG be recognised as the only legitimate and true representatives of the Myanmar people.

We the people of Myanmar are committed to freedom and federal democracy. The will of the people, power for the people and by the people of Myanmar will never be crushed. We will never give up but we will defeat injustice and dictatorship. We will restore our homeland and eradicate the atrocities of the genocidal military dictatorship so that freedom may flourish. The new Myanmar is coming and she will stand for all the people of Myanmar regardless of race, religion, gender, background or ethnicity. Our country will once again become the rainbow of Asia and the world.


Dr. Sasa

Union Minister of the Ministry of International Cooperation
Spokesperson of the National Unity Government of Myanmar
Former Myanmar Special Envoy to the United Nations

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