Dr. Sasa’s statement on the 35th anniversary of Myanmar Human Rights Day

Written by Gen. Sa Nikamui

On 13/03/2023

Today, March 13, 2023 marks the 35th anniversary of Myanmar Human Rights Day when the first university students Ko Pho Maw and Ko Soe Naing were brutally shot to death by the genocidal military generals in 1988 Nation wide uprising led by the university students against the reign of terror of the oppressive military dictatorship. The key events of the nation wide protest against the brutal military dictatorship occurred on the 8th of August 1988 and therefore it is commonly know is “8888 Uprising”. Thousands of peaceful protestors including monks, children and mostly students were brutally killed by the genocidal military generals. 35th years have passed but these genocidal military generals, the perpetrators were free, got away with full impunity and were never brought to justice. Today, in 21st Century, the people of Myanmar are still facing these same perpetrators, the genocidal military generals who have had committed several mass atrocities and crimes against humanity against the people of Myanmar in 20th Century.

As we mark the 35th anniversary of Myanmar Human Rights Day, we remember and salute the heroes of human rights, peace, freedom and the sacrifices made by the brave university students who fought for the basic human rights that we often take for granted. Their courage, bravery and determination for human rights, freedom and federal democracy will never be forgotten but will pave the way for all generations to come.

It is an honour to have served in struggle for human rights and federal democracy as a freedom fighter, a humanitarian worker, human rights documenter, educator, and now as a voice, face and servant-minister to the Nation and the brave people of Myanmar which have suffered so much for so long under the reign of terror of the genocidal military dictatorship and continuing the work of those who came before us. It is a testament to the enduring spirit of the brave and courageous people of Myanmar who have never given up the fight for human rights, justice, freedom, equality, peace and federal democracy.

But the work is not yet done. We still have a long way to go to ensure that every person in Myanmar can know peace and prosperity and can live with freedom and dignity, free from fear, oppression and reign of terror. As we move forward, we must continue to honour the legacy of Ko Pho Maw and Ko Soe Naing and those who have fought for human rights and freedom before us, and carry the torch forward with strength, faith, hope, commitment and determination.

I stand with all those who continue to fight for human rights, freedom, and federal democracy in Myanmar, and I remain committed to this vital and important work not only for Myanmar and the region but indeed for the world to make it a better place for ALL . Let us continue to work together to build a brighter future to make this world a better place for ALL. May God Bless you! May God Bless Myanmar!


Dr. Sasa
Union Minister
Ministry of International Cooperation
National Unity Government
Republic of the Union of Myanmar

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