Dr. Sasa’s Speech on the 75th Anniversary of Chin National Day’s event in Indianapolis, Indiana state of USA

Written by Gen. Sa Nikamui

On 19/02/2023

Dear my beloved Chin people of Indiana, respected leaders of Chin Community of Indiana (CCI), Chin Baptist Churches of USA (CBC- USA), Burma Advocacy Group of USA, honourable Senator Todd Young, honourable Governor and all Indiana state officials, Mingalarpar to you all. Thank you for inviting me today on this special occasion of the 75th anniversary of Chin National Day. Thank you for all your efforts to make Indiana a twin state to Chin state in Myanmar based on our shared federal democratic values and principles. Thank you also for your efforts to include the Burma Act into the NDAA. Thank you for your leadership at UN Security Council on the Resolution regarding the situation in Myanmar. Thank you for your support for Myanmar refugees, IDPs, PDFs, CDFs, EROs, the CRPH, NUG, and NUCC. Thank you for your solidarity with the brave people of Myanmar in this darkest moment in our history as your predecessors, the founding fathers always stood strong for the Federal Democratic values and principles in which they believed. The brave people of Myanmar are committed to those same Federal Democratic values and principles and remain firm and unshakeable in their resolve despite 75 years of oppression by the brutal dictatorship. The 75th Anniversary of Chin National Day has everything to do with the 76th anniversary of the signing of the Panglong agreement which was a historical agreement that led to the Burma’s independence from Britain. In fact, Chin National Day was supposed to mark the implementation of the Panglong agreement which was based on Federal Democratic values and principles. 75 years ago, if the Panglong agreement had been implemented, Chin state could have become a flourishing state in Myanmar just as Indiana is a flourishing state in the USA. Chin state could have been as vibrant and prosperous as Hong Kong or Singapore are today but 75 years of failure to implement the Panglong agreement, has left Chin state broken and weak; the victim of three quarters of a century of military oppression, and now officially become the poorest state in Myanmar where conditions are gradually worsening to those of North Korea. In fact, the 75th anniversary of Chin National Day is supposed to be marking 75 years of the fulfilment of the promise of self-administration, political autonomy, and self-determination for the Chin people. Sadly, we are marking today 75 years of oppression, 75 years of attacks on our Federal Democratic values and principles by a brutal repressive dictatorship. Before British rule, for centuries the Chin people enjoyed self-administration, self-determination, and political autonomy. We had our own kings and royal family and were never ruled by an outside power. Due to the 75 years of oppression by the horrific dictatorship, the Chin people have not only lost their self-determination, self-administration, and political autonomy but have also suffered genocidal attacks from successive brutal dictators. Despite these genocidal attacks, our ancestors fought hard for freedom and federal democracy which were lost completely under the reign of terror carried out by the brutal military junta. Today I would like to take this opportunity to pay my respects to our ancestors for their bravery and courage. Our ancestors passed on this noble duty to retake our freedom for which we have fought and struggled as a people for the last 75 years. This sacred duty is in your hands and in my hands. We cannot afford to fail our ancestors in this undertaking. Today I also would like to take this opportunity to salute our brave men and women who are risking their lives everyday in the fight for freedom and federal democracy. This revolution of Myanmar is being fought not only for our generation, but for our children, grandchildren, and many generations to come so that they may live in freedom, justice, peace and prosperity. The burden of revolution is heavy but dear friends, freedom is worth the sacrifice.In the last 24 months alone, the genocidal military junta have carried out more than 9,000 attacks on the people of Burma, killed more than 3,000 unarmed civilians, arrested more than 20,000 people including the duly elected president U Win Myint and State counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, and have wilfully destroyed more than 50,000 homes, schools, churches, and monasteries. These horrific atrocities have forced more than 1.6 million into homeless and they are now living as refugees and IDPs. Furthermore, as a result of the military’s cruelty, more than 17 million people across Burma are great in needs of humanitarian assistance – compare to less than 1 million in 2020. One in three people are now acute in need of humanitarian aid and half population of Myanmar are being forced to live in extreme poverty. The brutal military junta are using hunger and starvation as weapons.This is the same causes that the brave people of Ukraine are fighting for. In fact, the Myanmar crisis is Asia’s Ukraine crisis. Therefore, we are united with our Ukrainian brothers and sisters in the struggle for freedom and democracy, they are fighting in Europe and we, the brave people of Myanmar, are fighting here in Asia. Victory belongs to the brave peoples of Myanmar and Ukraine.Respected leaders, honourable Senator Todd Young, honourable Governor, officials, and my beloved people, in order to accomplish this mission to root out the brutal oppressive military dictatorship, and to begin building the new state of Chinland and the new federal democratic union of Myanmar, we need your continuous help, prayers, support, and above all action to push for the immediate and inclusive implementation of the 8 points of Burma Act of NDAA, the 10 points of UN Security Council Resolution in Myanmar and the 5 points of ASEAN Consensus on Myanmar. If the international community fails to implement these 23 points on the ground in Myanmar, we will see a return to the failures of the implementation of the Panglong agreement 75 years ago; a failure Myanmar cannot afford.My friends, my brothers and sisters, let us be very clear that the future of Chinland is in the hands of the Chin people. The future of the Chin people depends on our faith and hope for the future and our commitment and prayers to Almighty God. Its amazing to see great revival taking place in Asbury University of USA, we need the same revival to take place among our generation Z. If possible please take 1 hour of the 24 hours a day to commit yourself to Almighty God in prayer for seeking God’s Kingdom and His Righteousness. The greater our commitment and the stronger our trust in God, the sooner we will see the glorious future which awaits us all. We know that good will defeat evil, the light will overcome darkness, and we also know that freedom will be victory over tyranny and federal democracy will replace the evil oppressive military dictatorship. I hope and pray that Indiana will fully become a twin state for the future federal democratic Chin state of Myanmar. I hope and pray that the 8 points of the Burma Act of NDAA, the 10 points of UN Security Council Resolution in Myanmar, and the 5 points of ASEAN Consensus on Myanmar will immediately be implemented on the ground in Myanmar. I hope and pray that you will help us to stop genocidal military generals from attending ASEAN Defense Ministers’ Meeting Plus (ADMM-Plus) meetings. I hope and pray that we will soon end the 75 years of oppression, pain, suffering, deaths and destruction. I hope and pray that the dream of Chinland will become a reality sooner rather than later. I hope and pray that we will soon see a free Myanmar, a new Myanmar of federal democracy for all her people, regardless of race, religion, gender, language, colour, culture, ethnicity, and background so that we may make this world a better place for all.

May God Bless Myanmar!

May God Bless USA!

Myanmar Spring Revolution will prevail!

Dr. Sasa
Union Minister
Ministry of International Cooperation
National Unity Government
Republic of the Union of Myanmar

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