Dr. Sasa’s address to media organizations from 12 countries on the Asian Continent

Written by Gen. Sa Nikamui

On 14/05/2021

The brave people of Myanmar and the National Unity Government of Myanmar greatly appreciate the International Communities from around the world, and especially our ASEAN brothers and sisters for standing with us at this critical moment in the history of Myanmar. While the fate of our country is in the hands of our people, strong and sustained support from the international community is absolutely crucial to our success. Now, more than ever, the people of Myanmar need your continued friendship and support.

I am proud to serve as the Minister of International Cooperation and Spokesperson for the National Unity Government, as I was when previously serving as Myanmar’s Special Envoy to the United Nations. It is my job to provide you with the information and assistance that you need to support the people of Myanmar. I am always at your service.

The duty of a nation’s military is to defend and protect its people. However, under the command of Min Aung Hlaing, the supposed guardians of our nation are doing precisely the opposite of their duty and continue arbitrarily murdering and detaining without cause the brave and innocent civilians of Myanmar on a daily and hourly basis. The people of Myanmar unanimously consider Min Aung Hlaing and those who report to him as terrorists. It has been over 102 days since Min Aung Hlaing and his gunmen instigated this illegal coup d’état and took the nation hostage.

Since that day:
  • More than nearly 800 civilians have been murdered, including at least 52 children.
  • Approximately 5,000 civilians have been detained with roughly 4,000 still remaining in detention.
  • Over 1,600 are being hunted by junta forces, evading arrest warrants.
  • Continually bombing villages in ethnic States.
  • The junta continues using the ASEAN Summit as a propaganda tool.
  • I myself am personally wanted for high treason, as are my colleagues.
  • Daily raids on private homes continue unabated. In a raid last week of the home of an opposition leader, for example, authorities abducted his wife and 20 day old infant when they could not find him. 
  • There is significant evidence of the torture of those captured, including the poet Khat Thi who was detained last week and murdered within 24 hours.
  • They continue to try and stop the truth from getting out:
    • They have shutdown Internet access for weeks now,
    • Abolished all free media outlets,
    • illegitimately made free association illegal, and 
    • they have harassed and imprisoned journalists. More than 40 journalists remain in detention in Myanmar.
  • The violence we are seeing by the junta is both systematic and widespread. It is clear that they are engaging in crimes against humanity against the people of Myanmar.
  • Myanmar is quickly becoming a failed state: 
    • Nearly a quarter million people have become displaced.
    • Food insecurity is rising sharply.
    • The UNDP is predicting that half of Myanmar’s 54 million people will be living in poverty within a year.
    • The WFP analysis has shown that more than 3 million people in Myanmar are going to hunger in coming months.

The violence caused by the junta, is both systematic, widespread, and their intimidation tactics are crossing the borders into neighboring countries. Every day their forces are engaging in crimes against humanity. These crimes must be stopped and illegal detention of political prisoners must end immediately and unconditionally cease. We, the brave people of Myanmar, are doing all that we can to resist the juntas efforts to take away our freedom and democracy with their blood-stained battlefield weapons. The peaceful Civil Disobedience Movements (CDM) led by brave doctors, nurses, health workers, school teachers, educators, students, activists, and concerned citizens have been joined by hundreds of thousands of civil servants and private sector workers. Make no mistake – this is the most powerful peaceful movement ever to rise against a junta-sponsored reign of terror, and this peaceful movement is much more powerful than even the most cruel acts of terrorism the junta can connive. In the last 3 months, the peaceful CDM movement has been joined by millions of brave citizens marching across the country for their freedom and justice. Day after day the brave people of Myanmar continue to demonstrate enormous courage and bravery in the face of the most oppressive and repressive military dictators in the world. These brave CDM participants are not only now the heroes of peace, but this movement has even been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. This peaceful movement deserves not only the Nobel Peace prize, but also the full support of the international community, and we request the support of International Communities to continue this peaceful CDM movement which is much more powerful than the junta’s myriad acts of terrorism. These national heroes of peace must stay safe, healthy, and properly sheltered. We have identified some key points with which the international community can assist our brave people in their struggle for freedom and federal democracy:

Food Security

We appeal to the ASEAN and International Communities to support our brave people with food supplies, as the world food program has clearly indicated that over 3 million people in Myanmar will suffer hunger in the next few months, and the UNDP has predicted that over half of our 54 million population will be living in poverty within a year.


We appeal to the ASEAN and international communities to help provide basic healthcare supplies and medicines to the people of Myanmar, including Covid-19 vaccinations. Vulnerable populations, including pregnant women, children, and the elderly must receive basic healthcare services. The junta forces are not only killing people every day but have also occupied hospitals and arrested doctors and nurses, and completely disregarded all Covid-19 precautions and treatment.


We appeal to the ASEAN and the international communities to help provide educational supplies and materials for both in-person and online digital education to the millions of children in Myanmar who have not seen the classroom for the past 15 months as a result of Covid-19, and the military coup. These coup leaders have now replaced classroom desks with field weapons and continue to torture and arrest students and teachers nationwide.


We appeal to the ASEAN and international communities to help provide shelter and accommodation to the brave people of Myanmar who have been evicted or forced to flee their homes and subjected to torture and cruel death. Their crime? Simply that of a peaceful protest movement for freedom of expression and democracy. These refugees and IDPs urgently need safe places to stay.

Cooperation, Engagement and Recognition of NUG

We appeal to ASEAN and the international communities to engage with the NUG as the sole legitimate representative and government of the people. It is vitally important that the international community officially recognizes the NUG as soon as possible in order to help end the junta’s reign of terror. The people of Myanmar made their choice perfectly clear on the 8th of November 2020, when they voted for those who are now leading the National Unity Government. They have voted to end the military dictatorship once and for all. Now is the time for the international community to uphold the will of the people of Myanmar by recognizing the people’s democratically elected National Unity Government as the sole legitimate government representing the people and country of Myanmar.

Coordinated, Targeted, and Tougher Sanctions

We appeal to the international communities to mobilize a strong alliance to dry up the junta’s remaining revenue streams and cut off the junta’s access to international finance and weapons with which it continues to murder our people. The junta’s largest sources of income is from the revenue of Myanmar oil, gas, energy and State owned enterprises, and from the MOGE. These cash flows must be stopped from reaching the junta, otherwise billions of dollars will continue to pour into the coffers of these terrorist murderers. They know only how to buy weapons and kill the innocent people of Myanmar. We must not allow another civil war and genocide to break out on this continent.

Dialogue with the NUG to help restore peace and build a Federal Democratic Union

The only way to end this military reign of terror is for the international communities to fully cooperate, engage with and recognize the democratically elected National Unity Government as the sole legitimate Government of the people of Myanmar. Strong, coordinated international actions and tougher targeted sanctions will help to end this terrible reign of terror. Dialogue will only be born once the coup leaders stop killing the people of Myanmar, release all political prisoners, withdraw all battlefield weapons from all neighborhoods across the nations, end its reign of terror in all forms, and unconditionally surrender and return the power to the democratically elected civilian Government of Myanmar – the NUG. 

We, the National Unity Government of Myanmar have developed a clear roadmap which is reflected in the federal democratic charter that we have released and includes ten goalposts that we have identified in our march to victory.

Goalpost #1 – The total eradication of military dictatorship in all forms.

These dictators have stolen power right from the start after we gained independence in 1947. Kalu U Saw and his henchmen assassinated General Aung San, the father of state counselor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, and the ‘father’ of Myanmar independence. This act was not merely the assassination of General Aung San, but also the assassination of the fledgling federal democracy. Known as the Panglong Agreement, General Aung San and the many ethnic leaders convened and signed our declaration of independence which was based on a federal democratic political system. Again, murderer-in-chief General Ne Win and his henchmen attacked and assassinated our federal democratic political system in 1962, and their reign of terror continued until 1988. The brave people of Myanmar again stood up to these dictators in 1988, but the movement was brutally oppressed and eventually crushed by the murderous military generals, and their reign of terror continues on even today in the 21st century. Now in 2021, the people of Myanmar have made it clear that they do not want military dictatorship anymore. The brave people of Myanmar have spoken loud and clear that they want freedom, justice, stability and peace. The only way to create a true federal democratic political system is to eradicate this military dictatorship once and for all. Indeed, the tatmadaw as a whole must be replaced by an inclusive federal army under civilian command.

Goalpost #2 – Complete nullification of the 2008 constitution in all forms

This constitution was created by military dictators, for military dictators, and not for the people of Myanmar. The laws written in the 2008 constitution are oppressive and discriminatory, especially the 1982 citizenship law. These laws were written by oppressive military generals, and clearly represent the military general’s aggressive pursuance of their reign of terror against the Myanmar people. We have declared total abolishment of this 2008 constitution once and for all, and it is now being replaced by a Federal Democratic Charter which will serve as an interim constitution until we have a permanent constitution based upon the principals of a federal democratic union.

Goalpost #3 – Building of a federal democratic Union of Myanmar.

A federal democratic political system has been the aspiration and desire of the Myanmar people ever since gaining independence in 1947. And until Myanmar establishes a full and proper federal democratic political system in the country, there will continue to be an oppressive military dictatorship. This is the elephant in the room, so-to-speak. There will never be peace, freedom, democracy or a future for the Myanmar people until a federal democratic union is instituted, where the rights of all will be equally protected and respected regardless of race, religion, culture, ethnicity, gender or background.

Goalpost #4 – Emergence of the People’s Government of Myanmar.

The federal democratic political system will provide and safeguard the way for the people’s government of Myanmar to emerge, a government that is by the people of Myanmar, for the people of Myanmar. This government will protect and respect the rights of all regardless of race, religion, culture, ethnicity, gender or background. A secular government, free from corruption, a government that puts the people of Myanmar at the center, and a government that brings peace, stability, and prosperity not only to Myanmar, but also to our neighbours, and to the world. 

Goalpost #5 – The National Unity Government.

The inclusive National Unity Government of Myanmar formed by the united voices of the people of Myanmar is founded on and centered around unity. Our greatest strength is unity in diversity. This is the first time in the history of Myanmar that our people have had such a National Unity Government, and the main backbones of this government came from ethnic leaders, political parties, elected members of parliament, civil society organizations, and ethnic armed groups across the nation. In the coming days, weeks and months we will be engaging with all stakeholders both inside the country and in the international communities, and our neighbours in ASEAN. We will be prioritizing and preparing to address a range of important issues faced by our nation, including protecting, promoting and respecting the rights, dignity, and improving the quality of life of our many ethnic communities, including the brave Rohingya people. I can tell you today, that I am proud to call the Rohingya my brothers, sisters, and fellow citizens. Above all, our priority is to end this murderous military junta in order to prevent a great national civil war and genocide. Together, we will build a new Myanmar where human rights, freedom, equality, stability, peace, hope, and prosperity will forever replace this current cruel reign of terror.

Goalpost #6 – Inclusive cooperation and collaboration with all stakeholders.

These stakeholders include all ethnic communities within Myanmar who have been the victims of the terrorist military junta, including are Rohingya brothers and sisters. We will be cooperating together with all stakeholders, including civil society organizations, community-based organizations, political parties, elected members of parliament both at the union, state and regional levels, and ethnic armed organizations, together with the international communities, governments, organizations, agencies, unions, and alliances around the world.

Goalpost #7 – Draw a permanent constitution of Myanmar based on federal democratic principles.

The NUG will work very hard to coordinate the drafting of a permanent constitution based on the consensus of all stakeholders previously named and upon the principals of a federal democratic union.

Goalpost #8 – National conventions and referendum.

A national convention and referendum on the permanent constitution of Myanmar based on federal democratic principles, at which, after drawing the constitution, and through the consensus of all stake holders, will be convened and signed into law.

Goalpost #9 – Power and resource sharing.

The power belongs to the people of Myanmar. All the resources of Myanmar belong also to the people of Myanmar. Therefore, the power and resources must be shared equally under the federal democratic union of Myanmar.

Goalpost #10 – Re-establishment of the three branches of the State.

The Parliamentarian, Executive, and Judiciary branches operate independently. These three branches of state must hold the highest level of transparency and accountability. Therefore, the federal democratic constitution of Myanmar, will hold these three branches accountable, and ensure that they operate independently within the confines of a federal democratic Union of Myanmar. 

Mark my words: we, the opposition, will win in our struggle to liberate Myanmar from these terrorist forces, and on the other end of this fight we will emerge an inclusive Myanmar that is committed to democracy, human rights, and to being a responsible partner in the global community.  With your help, our vision and our dream will become a powerful reality and create a glorious future for generations of Myanmar people to come. 

Thank you very much!

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